Mr. Bad Guy (alba)

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Dutch LP has name of album written in a different style. First Japanese release had four colour prints. Spanish subtitled version in the usual countries. Portuguese subtitled version from Brazil. UK, French and Japanese CD has three bonus tracks (which are extra extended versions). UK cassette has one extended version in place of the normal version.
A video EP was released in some countries.


CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1985 version
United KingdomMr Bad GuyLPCBS 86312white script writingaveragedefinite
NetherlandsMr Bad GuyLPCBS 86312white block writingaveragedefinite
NetherlandsMr Bad GuyLPCBS 86312black script writingaveragedefinite
NetherlandsMr Bad GuyLPCBS 86312promo with 5 page press release insertuncommondefinite
GermanyMr Bad GuyLPCBS 86312-averagedefinite
GermanyMr Bad GuyLPCBS CBSCL 32309-7club pressingaveragedefinite
SpainMr Bad GuyLP-averagedefinite
PortugalMr Bad GuyLPblack script writingaveragedefinite
BrazilMr Bad GuyLPCBS 138623white block writing, Portuguese subtitlesaveragedefinite
BrazilMr Bad GuyLPCBS 138623promo with 4 page press release insertuncommondefinite
MexicoMr Bad GuyLPCBS TVCLS-146Spanish titlesaveragedefinite
ArgentinaMr Bad GuyLPColumbia 20632white block writing, slightly different sleeve colours, Spanish titlesaveragedefinite
IsraelMr Bad GuyLPHebrew titles on front sleeveaveragedefinite
PhilippinesMr Bad GuyLP-uncommondefinite
TaiwanMr Bad GuyLPCBS-Himalaya CBR-8463lyric insertuncommondefinite
Hong KongMr Bad GuyLPCBS-Sony CYA-1080lyric insert and chinese stickeruncommondefinite
United StatesMr Bad GuyLPColumbia FC 40071white block writingaveragedefinite
CanadaMr Bad GuyLPColumbia FC 40071white block writingaveragedefinite
Russian FederationMr Bad GuyLPSanta ATR30208black script writing, different backaveragedefinite
JapanMr Bad GuyLPCBS-Sony 28AP3030white block writing, with OBI and three postersaveragedefinite


CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1985 version
FranceMr Bad GuyCDCBS CDCBS 86312black script writing, 3 bonus tracksraredefinite
United KingdomMr Bad GuyCDunknown RMCD 006black script writing, counterfeit with 6 bonus tracksaveragefake
United KingdomMr Bad GuyCDblack script writing, pirate with 3 bonus tracksaveragefake
United KingdomMr Bad GuyCDwhite block writing, pirate with no extra tracksaveragefake
United StatesMr Bad GuyCDColumbia CK 40071white block writing, long boxaveragedefinite
AustraliaMr Bad GuyCDColumbia CK 40071white block writing, red discaveragedefinite
CanadaMr Bad GuyCDColumbia CK 400713 bonus tracksscarcereport
JapanMr Bad GuyCDCBS 32DP-227with obi, 3 bonus tracksraredefinite
Russian FederationMr Bad GuyCDunknown IFM 064 190Awhite block writing, fold-out lyric insert, counterfeitaveragefake
Russian FederationMr Bad GuyCDunknown 8888-25black script writing, picture disc, no booklet, counterfeitaveragefake

Other formats

CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1985 version
United KingdomMr Bad GuyTCCBS 40 86312black script writing, 1 extended trackcommondefinite
NetherlandsMr Bad GuyTCCBS 80 86312white block writing, 1 extended trackcommondefinite
PortugalMr Bad GuyTConly 8 trackscommondefinite
BrazilMr Bad GuyTCCBS 16623-commondefinite
ArgentinaMr Bad GuyTC-commondefinite
Hong KongMr Bad GuyTCbigger pictureaveragedefinite
GreeceMr Bad GuyTC-commondefinite
SpainMr Bad GuyTC-commondefinite
United StatesMr Bad GuyTCCapitol FCT-40071chromecommondefinite

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